Beneath the Badge - Dave & Christi Dyke

Beneath the Badge – Stronger Than the Storm

Sought-after keynote speakers bringing awareness and transparency to the mental health epidemic.

Presentations currently offered:

"Don't Wait Until You Break": Having worked in the law enforcement field for 24 years, Dave never saw his career ending the way it did. After an unexpected detour caused him to retire early, Dave & his wife, Christi, began sharing their story – the reality of what often lies Beneath the Badge. Together, they walk you through their experiences on how PTSD ended David’s career, led to suicidal thoughts and the planning of the same, the near demise of their marriage. They intimately understand the mental health struggle that many are facing, often in silence.  Their story is emotional, uncensored, and raw. Mixed with humor, and at times a few tears, their vulnerability breaks the stigma with a powerful message resonating to all in attendance instilling a feeling of hope and resilience all the while emphasizing finding balance in one’s own life and the importance of self-care.

"End of My Rope with Hope":  Join Christi, RN/Death Investigator, as she shares with you an intimate look at the impacts of second-hand trauma. In this raw and real presentation, Christi defines compassion fatigue through the eyes of a spouse walking the journey of PTSD alongside her husband, a former law enforcement officer.  In this session you will learn about symptoms of PTSD, strategies for living with a partner affected by PTSD, self-care for second-hand trauma and compassion fatigue, and how to bring hope into your partnership.

"God bless you for your testimony and shared story of yourself and Dave's journey.  I sat by two medics and their wives.  I worked with both of the young men thru my years in EMS, who witnessed and treated patients who had terrible outcomes.  Young adults and babies.  Friends and family.  They both are out of EMS and are moving on in their lives.  Both their wives told me, Dave's story was their husbands' stories.  They were you.  This program you present is so important for the world of First Responders.  Men had tears last night; women had tears.  Please continue this program.  I witnessed the benefits it did for two young couples, and I am quite sure many others felt at peace in their minds."

- ​ Cindy S. First Responder


  • Explore stress management tools to avoid burnout
  • Strengthen your understanding of second-hand trauma and the impact on loved ones
  • Empower leaders to create a culture where individuals feel supported
  • First Responders
  • Law Enforcement
  • Wellness Conferences
  • Social Services
  • Military & Veterans
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Educators
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Crisis Management
  • Corrections
  • Medical Staff
  • Exec & Leadership Teams
  • Employee Wellness
Beneath the Badge presentation in Decorah

"Life's not about how hard of a hit you can's about how many you can take & still keep moving forward."

- ​Sylvester Stallone