Meet Us

Christi and Dave, the speakers

Dave Dyke was a devoted sheriff deputy/police officer for 24 years in Southeast Minnesota. His experience includes patrol, investigations, hostage negotiations, and undercover agent for the Southeast Minnesota Narcotics and Gang Task Force.

His loving wife, Christi, is an RN in the Emergency Department and Midwest Admission and Transfer Center at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. She also works as a Death Investigator for the Southeast Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office at Mayo Clinic. She has over 13 years of prior experience working on a volunteer ambulance service.

“To say that they had the attention of all the attendees is an understatement. The content that they shared is powerful and has continued to affect how I relate with people regardless of occupation, race, culture, but especially our law enforcement officers and their spouses.”

- Mitch S. Emergency Dept. RN, Mayo Clinic

Dave & Nya, Dave's service dog

In August of 2023, Dave was awarded a service dog through Soldier's 6, a non-profit agency in Minnesota that provides honorably discharged veterans, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, correctional officers, and 911 dispatchers with specially trained K-9's.

Nyathera "Nya", which means Survivor, is currently training to be a service dog & accompanies Dave & Christi on all speaking engagements.